Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling

Directional Well Drilling
Horizontal directional drilling is trenchless method of installing utilities such as water, gas, electric and fiber optic. The two main components of HDD are the drill rig and the locating equipment.

The rig is equipped with 10 foot section of drill rod. At the end of the drill rod is a “duck bill” shaped drill head that allows us to change direction and depth once in the ground. Inside the drill bit is a sonde which transmits a signal to our locator on the surface.

The locator will tell us the depth, pitch and clock position of our drill head. With this information we are able steer the drill head.

Binz and Sons Well Drilling Truck

The process:

  • Locate other utilities, plan the prospective bore path and depth
  • Enter the ground and drill to desired depth
  • Once depth is reached, level out and drill desired distance
  • Exit the ground, attach product pipe, pull product back to rig.
We pride ourselves in being able to solve any well or pump problem you might have.


  • Water lines
  • Electric and gas
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Geothermal loop systems
  • Drain tiles


  • Install utilities with minimal damage to yards
  • Install utilites under road ways with out damaging road or stopping traffic
  • Install/replace utilities under drive ways without cutting and excavating driveway
  • Install utilities in less time than open trench methods
  • Install utilities at greater depths more safely than open trench methods

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